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The Benefits of Working with an Independent Agent

We work with multiple insurance companies.

We work with different insurance companies that offer a wide variety of coverage options and price points

We are licensed professionals

We are licensed experts and can explain the complexities of insurance in simple terms, helping you make smart decisions

We work for you and will be your advocate

We are your agent and your advocate working with the insurance company on your behalf

We are your lifelong consultants

We are connected for a lifetime and we are happy to periodically review your coverage

Jeremy Licht aims to Provide Expert care and Quality Service.

Jeremy Licht is a licensed independent life and medical insurance agent in California and has been an active life agent since 2004. Specializing in Life, Medical (Individual/Group/Medicare), Long-Term-Care, and Disability-Income protection, he assists individuals, families, companies, and seniors in selecting vital insurance protection. As an independent agent, he is not captive to a single carrier, and collaborates with major insurance companies to secure the best plans and pricing for your health and life protection. 

With robust industry knowledge, and over twenty years of professional experience, he navigates complex needs and multiple plans to ensure optimal coverage while minimizing risks and costs. Reach out to Jeremy today with any questions. He’s here to help you and there is no cost for using him as your agent. The insurance companies pay a commission but do not increase your premium for using his services. His service is truly a FREE service to you.

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You can count on us for high-quality services because we have been in the industry long enough to know what matters most to you: good customer service and quality guidance.
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Individual Insurance

We will help you understand coverage options and ensure you are adequately insured against unforeseen risks and heathcare liabilities.
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If you’re on Medicare, or will be soon, you need to make sure you have the best insurance coverage possible. That’s where we come in.
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Small Group Insurance

Medical treatment can be expensive and might become necessary for your employees at some point in their lives.
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Many years in business

100% customer satisfaction

Knowledgeable advisors to help you

Multiple coverage options to choose from


  • Ben A.

    I've been the recipient of Jeremy's kind, easy-to-follow assistance regarding life insurance plan selection several times. He's a pleasure to work with and I recommend you do so.

  • Jules D.

    Jeremy is super helpful at figuring out what is the best plan for my family. Very responsive to all my questions.

  • Leslie B.

    Since we first connected with Jeremy ha has consistently been prompt in his responses with clarity as to how we could go forward in the insurance filled times. Thank you Jeremy! :-))

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